Marzo Loves Lefts

Clay Marzo makes the most of some sloppy waves going frontside

| posted on February 07, 2011

  • Jim

    Poor guy, “making the most” of those great hawaiian waves – boo hoo

  • Greg from Indy

    Clay, I never know what your going for. This is why I keep watching. Big fan in Indy.

  • Yanky doodle

    Holy fucking he’ll this guy fucking shreds!!!! I love watching Marzo surf! That big issue he got a few yrs ago was the best issue ever!!! Fucking killing it marz

  • Avjoe

    Tweeds Clays been shredding so good lately!! Here’s hopin quikky gives him a wildcard for the snapper pro! He will cause some stirs! Give me some more of this guy please surfer

    • Greg

      Quik gave the wildcard to Matty Banting ….. Messed up right!? Fuck Quiksilver they never give marzo a chance! Hes a fucking shredder!!!!

      • Lee

        Oh come on! Matt Banting is wack and I heard he’s got Slater in his first heat… Well this is hooking up to be the most boring heat ever… Shouldve given it to Marzo he deserves it, and he’s been shredding like a butcher lately.. Bad move quik hope marzo kills it in the trials!!!!