Malia Manuel Interview

The young Kauaian ripper on her road to World Tour qualification

| posted on November 09, 2011

  • Stu

    Hot, well spoken, nice, and rips – pretty lethal combination.

  • chard

    malia was always the one to watch. knew she be on the ct sooner rather than later. looking forward to her rookie year!

  • Juddy Bentley

    Stu nailed it, Malia is stunning, a great surfer, and super cute personality!
    I wish I could ask her out on a date!

  • bob

    Go get em Malia, I hope to see you smiling like you do all the days of your life.

  • Hayden

    10 Years to get there, congratulations for following through on your dream – have a great year.

  • C

    nice teeth! no seriously.