El Matador

Lucas Silveira charging in Puerto Escondido like he's got nothing to lose

| posted on July 29, 2014

Lucas Silveira paddling into bombs at Playa Zicatela like he hasn’t quite come to terms with the potential consequences makes for some entertaining surfing and a banger of a Puerto clip. Enjoy this solid helping of Brazilian bravado.

  • Mark Gregory

    Not digging the grainy black and white thing. Even though the footage was solid, only watched about a minute. Please release a real version of this, looks like it might be an amazing short.

  • Thomas_U

    I deeply respect his braveness.


  • Naked Viking Surf

    Love the black and white footage.

  • Ivan Snavely
  • Juemadre

    Finally got it together when he stopped taking those long bottom turns after the drop.