Rider of the Storm

Beginning at the end with Lee Wilson in Bali

| posted on November 05, 2013

  • Joe

    Refreshing to see an edit with enjoyable music for once.

    • Alex

      Music is such a personal taste maybe surf videos should have only sound effects and no music at all so that different tastes do not ruin a nice footage… I always watch my videos on mute as I have my own music in the background. From my random playlist started Beethoven’s Piano Sonata N1 at the same time as the video started, resulting in the most emotional 40 seconds of surf video I have ever experienced. Try it out. Start this video with the sound. At the same time, start playing At the 00:19, turn off the sound on the surf video to cut off the soundtrack. Keep enjoying the slowmo with Beethoven until 00:49…

      • Marc

        Yea Alex you are right. The piano and the slowmo are matching really well. It gives it a bit more edge. Well said.

  • ichorousmedia .

    really awesome cinematic intro, slomos and the music is actually relaxing, which is rare in a surf video these days

  • Lincoln Cassady

    Absolutely Beautiful.
    Thank you for this. Very much.

    God Bless