Leave a Message Trailer

A new surf movie showcasing the talents of some of the best women surfers in the world

| posted on April 11, 2011

  • Hanna

    This looks INSANE. Simply put, pretty sure this movie will be the best women’s surf film ever produced and better than the majority of men’s. Can’t wait.

  • Matt O’Brien

    These chicks rip AND will inspire a much better generation of Lady surfers because this ain’t BLUE CRUSH! Watch out line ups- girls are coming and they are coming to Rip! NOT Slip your favorite break to bits. It will be fun to watch. Before you haters go screaming “girls can’t surf” or “Girls can’t do airs!” or “Now are line ups are gonna have chicks who Think they rip – cause they watched this movie and now they wanna do an air” – Well GOOD! When videos of Archy/Pottz/Christian/and Yes Kelly came out Surfers up and down coasts the world over started trying them at their local break – and you know what happened? A.I.! Bruce! Taj! Dane F-ing Reynolds Happened! This IS the future for women’s surfing – the female surfing masses (& newbies) will inspire to Carve – really put it on the line NOT A DiRECTIONAL Change (back), Punt (thanks Lakey & Carissa ), and CHARGE!!!! The future looks bright (& smells sweet too boot)

  • ingrid LINDFORS

    Looks great. Finally a film with women surfing. yeah!!!

  • susie

    Looks like a great film except it seems to be missing the graceful sisters of longboarding.

  • R

    Wow this next generation of girls are powerful surfers – i never thought us girls could be as good as the guys! (except for Layne the Queen) But LOOK WE ARE!!

  • dsf