Last Call at Jaws

Alex Gray and Dave Wassel trek to Maui to paddle into the final monster swell of the year

| posted on January 08, 2013

  • Oz

    What’s the song at the end some good tunes

  • Matt O’Brien

    while impressive, I can’t help thinking that the wave is being misused with paddle in boards. the wave seems to offer so much more than “point & go”. but I do tip my hat to these brave chargers. Just seems like a lot of the wave is being under-utilized. on a tow-board the wave could be surfed much more “progressively” and with a high performance approach. just my 3 cents. cheers…

  • Tomas

    Wow men, i love this wave,i want to surf it.

  • bra

    Why can’t they do the red bull event or the eddie in these conditions.

  • Jagerganoz

    Good god thats terrifying …………I didnt realize thats what its like now. It looks ridiculous – some of those wipeouts are horrible – 0 control and a 30 ft lip through your chest…….man.
    Laird should have kept it to himself – looks like a zoo out there now. Looked cool in endless summer 2. Id consider towing but holy crap the paddling looks crazy. Maybe if you line up just the right one……but its crowded now so people are hungry and just throwing themselves into ridiculous situations. But kudos for having the balls – crazy. Cant say there isnt equal right to paddle…..
    Damn! theres some ugly stuff going down…..

  • nikolas klam

    Kind of agree with you about the “misusing” of the wave (some barrels could’ve been completed with a faster / smaller tow-in board), but try to add a jet-ski p/ person in that scenario… That would be complicated!

  • Matt O’Brien

    nikolas: totally agree with there. we saw that horror film a few years ago and it was scary indeed! just no way to get around fact that the wave can’t handle the crowd without the focus (surfing the wave) getting lost. bummer. BUT I will continue to enjoy the carnage. IF and when they do the redbull paddle event things may be different… who the hell am to say/know.