Kustom Airstrike: Episode Four

One boat, five surfers, four webisodes, all competing to claim best air and $50K

| posted on August 23, 2012

John John Florence, Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Ryan Callinan, and Chippa Wilson. All five aerial connoisseurs aboard one boat in the Mentawais, with a $50,000 carrot dangling at the end of the string for best air, as voted on by the people at A big-time purse goes to the most progressive of a crew of surfers, none to be outdone, on a trip together over the shallow-reef ramps of Indo. It’s a formula for high-grade footage.

Four webisodes will premiere throughout the month of August. Find each here at on Aug. 1, Aug. 9, Aug. 16, and Aug. 23.

Leave your votes and vitriol in the comments section after each episode release.

Episode One
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Four
  • rogermeras

    chippa in first with florence on his heels… callinan, whoever that is, in last

  • rogermeras

    chippa in first with florence on his heels… callinan, whoever that is, in last

  • Ryan

    JonJon Florence the highest and most style !!!

  • air reverse

    JJ wins round 1 for his backside full rotation and his brain melting backside fin chuck, which was the only unique thing in the whole video. Otherwise it was just air reverse air reverse air reverse alley oop air reverse.

  • chippa

    Whats unique about jj’s backside air reverse ???? chippas full rotation stalefish is what unique is home boy

  • tom sawicki

    Airs are for Skateboarders

  • Matt O’Brien

    Chippa by far and away! not to discount John John or Matt or Albee BUT his spin towards the end so fast. holy crap that was amazing… if there was room I wonder IF he could have pulled a double?

  • crosboner

    shewwie…. id have to say chippas full rotation was quicker….john johns higher, butt meolas was just perfect and he did 2 of em. meola forsure

  • CHUCKnorris

    JJ or Chippa… Need to watch it again. Meola’s full rotation was proper too.

  • Eric

    Check out that right in the distant background at 3:20…

  • Chippa

    Chippa’s stalefish i’d say, JJ has the air time but those stalefish grabs look mad hard to perform

  • connor c

    chippa with the full rotation killed it in video 2

  • TrevorB

    Awesome clips. Amazing! Really awful music, just terrible.

  • joibanf

    chippa the best no doubt

  • A dude

    chipppppppppa for that nutso backside slob

  • Dom

    John Johns last wave. buttery.

  • StCal Jack

    where’s Daynolds? or Ando? lol Chippa is the best out there. wtf, AlbeeLayer? lol

  • who cares

    just go ahead and give it to john john. he is on another level than all those other guys combined.

  • loc

    jjf going mad

  • mo

    this JJF-Hype is slowly getting annoying … yes, he makes it look easy and effortless, but the shot every second wave from him…come on!

  • yewww

    thought it was a freakin airstrike? episode 3 was tubefest

  • andrew

    Meola is best at Airs hands down!!! JJ only does backside airs… Meola has the best bag of tricks…check out the crazy blow tail at 3:24

  • Roberta

    I was just convinced JJ is the best surfer in the world

  • Ben

    JJF makes the others look like toddlers, and the others RIP. JJF by a landslide.

  • Ben

    The comp should be (if you had to have only four): JJF, Dane, Kerr, and Medina. The level would be higher, with more completed airs.

  • T dil

    it is pretty obvious there is favoritsm towards John John in the making of this series

  • Jamey Steiner

    John John. Epic contest win!

  • Danny

    This is awesome. JJF airs are unbelievable. But would be nice for a change have guys like Miguel Pupo and Gab Medina…but even Rip Curl doesn’t make videos with Medina. I guess Brazilians did not busted the doors on the doors 100%….but will get there. Anyway Greta video! Congrats to the surfers and crew

  • steve nelson

    How could anyone argue that John John isn’t in the lead. Some of those airs were obscene.

  • Dre

    seriously, if JJ doesn’t win, i will definitely lose faith in mind of us, general surfers

  • Keith Black

    Will we get to see these photos in Surfer Magazine or will it be in Surfing Magazine again. I still remember Dusty on the Cover of Surfing were he won and they did that cool article with him about the Air. That was rad.

  • chris

    john john all the way, crushing

  • Jumpin Jiminy

    Surfer ought to look into the voting system at Kustom … up until recently it was allowing multiple votes by the same person. With all respect for Chippa, it seems unlikely that his best wave would receive nearly three times as many votes as JJF’s best … whether or not Chippa’s or JJF’s is better, one would think that if everyone who visited the site was only voting once, it would be a bit closer in count.

  • victor