Kustom Airstrike: Episode One

One boat, five surfers, four webisodes, all competing to claim best air and $50K

| posted on July 31, 2012

John John Florence, Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Ryan Callinan, and Chippa Wilson. All five aerial connoisseurs aboard one boat in the Mentawais, with a $50,000 carrot dangling at the end of the string for best air, as voted on by the people at A big-time purse goes to the most progressive of a crew of surfers, none to be outdone, on a trip together over the shallow-reef ramps of Indo. It’s a formula for high-grade footage.

Four webisodes will premiere throughout the month of August. Find each here at on Aug. 1, Aug. 9, Aug. 16, and Aug. 23.

Leave your votes and vitriol in the comments section after each episode release.

Episode One
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Four
  • Annie Layer

    Albee rocks! I want to see more of Albee!! Could be I’m prejudiced!!

  • Tom Ryan

    john john at 2:30

  • Cory Helisma

    Matt Meola and that full rotation! holy shit!

  • mark nelmes

    Ryan killing it! he does a full rotation with height. Ripping

  • JaY Robbins

    Matt Meola FLYING Yeeewwwwww!!

  • Greg Morgan

    John John !

  • Bayley Charlier

    John John !!

  • Grace

    John John!!

  • Grace Ferebee

    John John

  • http://Surfermag Nicolas luna

    John John Florence!!!! obviously

  • Nick Appleby

    JOHN JOHN!!!!!

  • Sara

    John John Florence

  • freddy antonio blasco lopez


  • mikey

    john john

  • amit shahar

    john john for sure

  • Sara Cabral

    John John Florence stands out!

  • http://Facebook Tyler Stello

    John John with that sick air at the beginning!! YEW!

  • Max

    Awesome comp.. Can we add to the team – Josh Kerr, Slats, Pupo, Julian, Medina, Jordy, Taj & Marzo. Love to see Marzo there as he is still off the charts.. Toss in another $50k for sickest barrel to air combo..

  • Dallas Peterman

    JJ Flo!

  • Marie Poe

    John John!!

  • Julie Cortes


  • Emely

    John John Florence!!

  • Ken Kowalski

    John John !