Kolohe Andino Interview

The World Tour rookie on his road to qualification

| posted on April 29, 2012

For more on Kolohe’s ascension, check out his profile in our June issue, on newsstands now.

Watch Kolohe’s section in the Hot 100 Movie.

  • john

    nice portrait of the lil’ shit.

  • Eric

    Keep it coming San Clemente!

  • Mik

    what a great kid… massive talent, great vibe. handles things with maturity and positivity… already one of my new favorites to watch. electric. so cool to watch him ascend. especially looking forward to how he handles all of the contest sites and their challenges. including the judges, who somehow decided that Bede won that heat at Bells………. 🙂

  • http://Surfer Kimbo

    Mik , you must let go ! he does surf well and speaks better than most , but he will loose heats like he did at Snapper and to Bede at bells until he learns to use natural instinct when things arent going his way , He looks over coached .

  • tim

    …another over-hyped “next–so and so.” Signed a great contract… has a great coach..good for you. But the aerial surfing is his one trick pony. He was scared shitless in hawaii. John John has him by a mile. JJF has all the aerial surfing, a great skateboarder, backdoor and pipeline, and is fearless in big surf. You’ve got a long way to go K. Andino to even come close to that level. Stop with the interviews. Win some heats.

  • Ben

    To be clear: The kid is a great surfer, and he will surely be a fixture on tour for years to come. But, in my opinion, this level of hype is definitely putting the cart before the horse, and as such it smacks of industry push. He is not on the level of the best on tour yet; Slater makes him look like a little boy. He is also not blowing minds the way 17 year old Slater, Curren, AI, Dane, and JJF did, and though he may have the ability, he needs to leave the San Clemente nest and develop his skillset elsewhere, in the absence of coaching and management. Remember that San Clemente, for all of its great surfers, does not produce world titles. I agree that he looks over-coached. He seems like a good kid, and best wishes to him in the future; I’d love to see his act outside of the Snips/Dino automaton. Surfer, how about shining the light on the folks who are earning their stripes, continually underhyped guys like Michel Bourez?

  • the truth

    Beschen, Andino, Archbold…. all had their demons.

    I agree with the post above, get him out of San Clemente and to Hawaii for a few years to develop the skill-set for world domination.

  • http://none Steve Briggs

    After seeing Gabriel Medina slaughter the field at Lowers you have to wonder why he is not getting the “Industry” love that Kolohe is?! Pretty easy to figure that out. He’s from Brazil. He is leaps and bounds better than Andino at any location. Kolohe went down in his FIRST HEAT of this contest. Was Medina ever really challenged by anyone? The only one to push him was Simpo and look what Medina did to win in the last seconds. Medina really is a Future World Title contender far more than Andino is. For you “Surf Industry” insiders that slobber all over Kolohe get the hell off his jock and realize that the future is Medina far more than Kolohe. Take a break from covering Kolohe as now it looks so forced, coached, nutured, coddled and Corporate driven. I never thought I would see more soul from a Brazilian, Medina, than an American surfer. Medina’s talent makes me a fan as he is the leader for his age group and a leader in state of the art surfing. Congrats to a Future World Champ, Gabriel Medina.

  • Ben

    Agreed, Medina is currently more hype-worthy than Kolohe, though of all the young cats I think JJF is the best, especially in heavier surf.

  • http://none Steve Briggs

    Nice!! That you edit out anything that critiques the viewpoint of corpo Source Interlink. Don’t say anything bad about us or our sponsors. How about hearing from both sides instead of everyone just blowing smoke up the ass of corpo Mags and surfers like Kolohe?

  • Lenny

    He has great potential, but I think he needs to come out of his shell a bit. Maybe if he traveled from San Clemente for a while, then his surfing will improve. Great surfer nonetheless.