A Few Barrels

The year that was for Koa Rothman

| posted on May 08, 2014

The past 12 months have been a helluva ride for Koa Rothman. This time last year, Laird Hamilton whipped him into a mutant of a wave that many have dubbed the biggest ever ridden at Teahupoo, including Nathan Fletcher, the previous owner of that honor. You’ve surely seen that wave (Big Issue cover, Tube and Wipeout of the Year at the Billabong XXL Awards), but what you likely haven’t been privy to is the rest of his year. Koa is a standout at Pipeline and you’ll see why at the 1:45 mark. And he’s no stranger to Jaws either (1:52).

  • Francis Dolarhyde

    Couldn’t re;ate to the music, I;m sure the footage is great- but I couldn’t get past the rap- nor could I understand how it relates.

  • BrockHi007

    Not a big fan of hip hop myself,but this video is AMAZING.The timing and music go perfect together.This video couldn’t be better!Big ups and Aloha to the editor and producer of this,they are creative geniuses.Please keep them coming!

  • BrockHi007

    Amazing video!Not a big hip hop fan but, timing and music went perfect together.Big ups and aloha to whoever put it together,I don’t think it could be any better!