Knost in Newport

Alex Knost makes music on a single fin in clean Newport peaks

| posted on November 29, 2011

  • Douch

    Alex Knost is such a barney.

  • Rafael

    Awsome, this kid surf style looks like a mixture of Donavon and Rasta.

  • ohhh

    Editing is sick!!!Knost is sick!Great Video

  • King

    This guy really gets paid to surf like this? Wow….

    • single fin

      you don’t fucking know the meaning of the soul surf.. king of my ball.. single fin is a soul surf ,a dance..

  • Mik

    Better than Dora. Basically, better than anyone in his realm.

  • timmeh

    Even for a singlefin this was fairly weak. Retarded bodymovement and poor turns

  • Sam

    rad video! alex shreds

  • haha

    people are really hating on this? wow! this video is awesome, incredible surfing

  • Drew

    That was cute

  • josh

    definitely one of the best surfers out there. cool video, nice edits

  • sharkboy

    all you people who think alex is bad are probably kooks that think they now how to surf and have no style. he’s a better surfer than all of us will probably be in our hole life. alex, you rip

  • kit

    sorry guys, twitchy surfing on a single fin doesn’t get me excited. I have no understanding of why people get stoked on Knost’s surfing, but to each his own. PS if you see me do something like this on a wave, shoot me.

  • Joe

    Precious. But what does he do when the waves get bigger than nose-ring high?

  • alex

    I like him better in Step Into Liquid.

  • tim

    great surfer and really cool guy. like this video

  • http://none Haha

    hahah so many haters….. why don’t you post your video from surfer magazine??? OHHH That;s right CAUSE THEY DO NOT GIVE A RAT’S BEHIND ABOUT YOU TO HAVE YOU IN ONE!!! HAHAHAHA