Keramas Sessions

Surfing's top brass set free in Bali

| posted on June 24, 2013

  • freeandcunning

    This is what I thought we would be seeing in this contest. Lemme guess, this was one of the “lay days”? Would have rather seen the contest run for two hours a day in this over the whole window rather than what we got. Professional surfing needs to check itself before it becomes figure skating and every single technical aspect is rewarded as high as anything new. Joel and Mick are the best at doing what we have already seen before. But if you are one of the best surfers in the world, I already expect you to come out of any barrel that is the slightest bit make-able. I expect you to complete a turn in all the right spots (and I don’t expect 10s for uncompleted turns). All I am saying is that Innovation needs to be double the reward as technical prowess so that these guys have incentive to push the sport forward. Or we will continue to see the artful sides of surfing leave the tour (Dane, Bruce…). It seems pro surfing, the ASP, and the surf companies spend so much time focusing on being equal to other sports, and gaining the respect of the sports world…….. Thing is… I don’t want surfing to be like other sports.

    PS. Kolohe: get away from your Dad and Snips.