Kelly Slater: 11x World Champion

A look back on Kelly's road to title No. 11.

| posted on November 03, 2011

  • Joel Wasserman

    Amazing Edit~! We are Proud of Kelly. It’s Amazing to be alive in a time of such great milestones… And To everyone else, that surfs!

  • Alex Olan

    where is the #10 title in Puerto Rico?

  • mark

    u should put more contests on tv. there is a contest 1x evey week somewhere in the world. the qicksilver was the only 1 I saw on tv. u need to put contests on tv whether taped or live. It woud be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claire O’Neil

    Hi, does anyone know what sound track is playing in the video clip?

  • Stepkov

    dudes still the man. good video

  • Kevin McCarthy

    That was lame.

  • http://youtube Haz

    it’s ashame that the sporting world does not see him as one of the greatest sportsman in history 11 world titles, what more does he need to do?..