Joel Tudor. Period.

Noseriding and jazz music, what's not to love?

| posted on July 22, 2014

Take the stylistic subtleties of Joel Tudor’s surfing, mix it with the nuances of jazz music, and you have this extremely enjoyable video by Adam Burns. In just under three minutes, you’ll see some incredible noserides, drop-knee cutbacks, and all the fancy footwork you’d expect from Joel.

Joel Tudor Feat

  • Pedro lourenço da silva

    O cara é fera um dos mais completo surfista que já vi.

  • Aaron

    Clairemont represent!

  • Elucidated1

    I used to like Joel Tudor. I really did. Old school long boarding and seemingly a good role model. I could ignore the stories of his father beating people up. I could ignore the issues he’s had with sponsors and his threatening behavior. But recently I had a friend surfing George’s on a small day and Tudor was tearing it up. As my friend paddles back out, Tudor cuts him off so bad that my friend had to stop paddling and sat up. Tudor slowed down to give him the stink eye. Apparently Joel Tudor thinks he now owns Cardiff and his sh i t doesn’t stink. Too bad he can’t spell humility and didn’t realize that my friend has been surfing Georges since before Tudor was born. Priceless.