Jeffreys Sessions

Freesurfing highlights from perfect J-Bay

| posted on July 18, 2012

  • john bulowski

    mason ho looking fucking smooth as hell at 2:38

  • john

    Like the tight filming.

  • Dave Leach

    That last ride was amazing

  • Joe

    Coleburn has shades of Occy in some of those turns. Great vid, pleasure to watch.

  • Erik Pendleton

    Amazing waves and amazing surfing. The wave at Jeffrey’s Bay is so long and powerful, the sections so long and drawn out that the editing of this is a bummer. The sweetest sections of the ride are cut out. Bottom turn, surfer eyeing the lip…getting ready to hit it and….the re-entry into the wave and not the money shot. Great surfing and amazing waves though and thank you for sharing this, still has tons of value.