Jaws Wipeouts

Raw footage of the carnage at Maui's big-wave spot

| posted on March 05, 2014

No big-wave session is complete without some carnage. These Jaws wipeouts by surfers and boats are definitely cringeworthy.

View photos from Jaws.

  • Greeny

    The guy @6:35… OMG, one crazy looking wipeout!

  • jay adams

    looks to me like a few of these guys shouldnt be out this day..Everyone wants to be a big wave hero,i know its easy to sit here and judge these guys but really ? comon fellas go learn at vals reef with the kids first

  • Joe Roberts

    @ 31 seconds the fishing boat capsizing, they’re not having a good day

  • Lamp10

    @ :32 that boat did a roll

  • Jeremy

    Pretty sure this clip needs circus music in the background!

  • whamo

    Deep and steep kamikaze takeoffs. Good style by some of the regular foots. Some of those boards bobbed like corks.