Misfits of Bull Bay

A trek through Jamaica with Dylan Graves and Dane and Tanner Gudauskas

| posted on August 08, 2014

Along Jamaica’s impoverished southern coast, Billy “Mystic” Wilmot and his sons have built an unlikely surf community and pioneered many of the island’s best waves. But for the next generation of Jamaican surfers, surfing is more than a pastime. It’s the potential for a better life. For our September Issue, Dylan Graves and Dane and Tanner Gudauskas ventured to Jamaica to experience the island’s surf scene.

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  • Sergio C. Muñoz

    Was that Cane River Falls in the video?

    • Karin Wilson Edmonds

      Yes, I think so!

  • ThomCruize

    great clip. i enjoyed that thoroughly.

  • Aldrich Sevilla

    What’s the title of the song that starts at 5:10? Shazam’s not bringing good leads…

  • Patricia Hall

    Is Billy “Mystic” Wilmot related in any way to Ernest George “Bob Stitch” Wilmot?? His wife was Rosie, and they lived outside Ochee. (Racetrack??) They had a son Richie.

  • yo momma

    Ok… Now we know why the gudangs are the smiliest dudes in surfing!

  • the big fig

    Nice waves, music, vibe….

  • Michael Soule

    Buhn up ah con ahn buss up ah whave! Yah mi son!

  • Walter

    That was sick

  • António

    The water is so beautifull, looks like the whole ocean is a pool

  • Guest

    This will be part of my next visit back home.

  • אירן

    Great inspiration