Dylan Goodale, Luke Davis, Brendon Gibbens, and Michael Dunphy retreat to Costa Rica for our September issue

| posted on August 24, 2012

Read the full Intermission feature in our September issue, available digitally and on newsstands now.


    EXCELLENT VIDEO DUDES. Can I have de name of the songs in the video…please

    thank you.

  • WaterWays Surf Travel

    Epic video guys. Nothing like the tropical sunshine, jungle to the water’s edge, empty beaches, warm water and blue barrels of Costa Rica!

  • PJ Connell

    Quality content. It forced my web A.D.D. to slow down and enjoy the show.

  • Rob

    Bodacious! This is the life! The first song i know…it is ‘Chromatics – At Your Door!’

  • rogermeras

    sick clip, gibbens killed it!

  • james b

    They look cool, as a whole newvgeneration of amercan surfers. That’s exactly what Matt Biolos just said recently… all hype, looking cool but no hungry at all… .
    And been eaten alive in contest by brazilians and aussies…