Ours Insanity

It's all yours, boys

| posted on July 17, 2014

Ever watch little ripples lap gently on the shore of a lake? I bet if you took a miniature camera and filmed some of the tiny wavelets as they spilled over the pebbles, you’d find some micro-sized slabs like Ours. You would totally take on a two-inch version of Ours. When it’s overhead though, like in this clip? Yeah right. That’s what they call a self-regulating wave. So too is nearby Shark Island. At about the 2:38 mark, it appears to self-regulate a bodyboarder out of existence.

  • edan

    Im fairly sure the wave that lid was surfing is shark island

    • Pat

      The bodyboarder is at shark island, not ours

  • David Larson

    What music is this?

  • Jason

    yeah what is the music???

  • Spiggy Topes

    You know, I’ve been reading your mag since 1969. Now that I know you rip off hard working bands who have paid more dues than you guys ever have, that’s it for me pal. Wake up, old media. Stop trying to do over and ignore copyright. How ’bout we hack your videos and call them our own?