Micronesia Blues

Ian Walsh in some moody, deathly surf of all sorts in Micronesia

| posted on April 24, 2014

See Ian Walsh in spots of the mysto, slabbing, barreling, spitting, and ripping variety. Enjoy.

  • Vladimir Jevtic

    Bullshit! a lot of the footage is from Indo, Nias….The right at the end definately …. The left probably Mentawai , playgrounds, e bay….

    • John Donnson

      Haha.. Not a single clip was from Micronesia

  • Mang

    Yeah bullshit surfmag you kooks!! Check 1:09min in that’s green bush..same tree at 2:03 min in this vid

  • Dylson Valente Neto

    What’s the song name?