Homegrown Ep. 5

Nick Rozsa wraps up his comeback series in the waves of Mexico

| posted on April 16, 2012

  • luchinda

    nick rozsa is the next nick rozsa

  • g

    Wow! The music choice is so Dane. And I have to agree Nick is the next Nick. Which ain’t so bad. Best of luck to Nick and his young family.

  • Bufu

    Agree with the previous comments. Great clip…. Rozsa’s surfing is insane.

  • 808

    WHAT such a sick video. I’d be stoked to see this guy in surfer more often. Keep killing it Rozsa! You da man!

  • P.A.C.Sr

    Aloha Nick,
    Nice job. This video reminds me of why I love Mexico; the beer and the fat women. Back then I used to visit this town where the Mexican maidens would take turns sitting on my face and then laugh in delight. My grandson’s girlfriend told me that I understand the modern woman but I told her that they kept their pants on and that she was a sicko. Then again, my grandson tells me that I don’t understand much about anything anymore and makes fun of me because I haven’t gotten barreled (my perverted friend Billy calls it the Big Mac) in 2 years. I just say, “I’m trying but I’m old and I have to poop (I always have to poop) so give me a gosh darn break.” Keep riding those beautiful waves,