Holy Toledo

Filipe Toledo throws a monster backside full-rotor at Rocky Lefts in Hawaii

| posted on December 12, 2012

  • that dude pat

    This kid is unreal, who cares about John John when you got Medina and Felipe on tour?

  • Carlos Garcia

    It’s unreal how these flying kids are pushing the limits of our sport. I surf since 1982 and still remember when a grom named Martin Potter was also a fly boy, and started up the real air game, and a few years later he became world champ. Will they follow the same path? Medina,Florence, Andino and Toledo are the nowadays leaders of this freaky evolution surf is experiencing and they will share a bunch of world titles in the next decade. Their athleticism, flexibility and accuracy will pay off and judgement criteria will have to recognize how difficult to execute all this stuff is. In addition to it, Medina and Florence are already able to do powerful hacks and laybacks and have proved they are 2 of the best barrel riders on planet ,Andino and Toledo will in the next couple of years. Huge non grab airs are very hard to control, it’s mind-blowing the way they do it , just like that. They are the next big thing after kelly….too late for the lost generation : burrows,wright,wilson, etc to achieve a world title, Parko could have his last chance this evening at the pipe masters… Let’s see what happens.