A short film starring the Coffin brothers, Tanner Gudauskas, and Taylor Knox at Jeffreys Bay

| posted on October 14, 2013

  • Chuck

    whats the soundtrack around 6:30 min???

    • Chad Recorded in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria from 5/12-10/12

      Chris Everett – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
      Wes Wilson – Guitars
      Zach Doiron – Guitar, Slide
      Tony Melino – Drums, Percussion
      released 10 November 2012

      Recorded, Engineered, Produced and Mixed by our friend and brother Nathan Zemke at Pooch Studios in Carpinteria, we owe it to you. All drum tracks and various guitar tracks recorded in Will Loomis’ basement in Santa Barbara, thank you Will.

  • Mattyd

    Classic on-rail surfing, perfect point waves, good rock music. By far the best web clip in a long,long time.

    • Dave

      Yep, without a doubt. Best I’ve seen and heard in quite some time.

  • surfguy

    What’s in the wave face at 6.07 – 6.11 ?

  • Chris

    Well done Coffins! No crappy lifestyle shots or 1000 air reverses. Kai Neville take note, this is surfing.

  • Jake

    That was the shit

  • jarrif

    WTF? Why all the sped up footage?

    • matt

      that footage is being played at normal speed. they just surf fast… and here we have person that doesnt recognize quality when they see it

      • tillish bazooka

        I´m not sure with that, looks sped up to me in some sections, too! Does´nt take away anything from the great surfing, though! no BS railwork!

        • anon

          it’s definitely sped up. if you watch their arms or the speed the lip is falling in some sections it’s really obvious.

        • cleanSooke

          Great surfing for sure, but lots of sped up sequences. Look at the water droplets and smaller waves near shore. Not natural. But hey, if slow-
          mo is ok then a little speed-mo is ok too?

  • jarrif

    Fcking unwatchable. I’m out

  • Joe


  • alex


  • james

    Is there some reason the Coffin bros got almost the entire first 15 minutes? They’re ripping, and they’re from home, but Gudauskis and Knox were pretty much skunked on the early footage.

    • Stu Azole

      yeah, I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that it’s their movie. Whatta you think?

    • matt

      because its coffins bros movie

  • jay adams

    loved it 100 % power surfing no flicking lil 180 air reverse on every closeout….enough of that this is real surfing

  • kyle

    tanners turn at 13:44 sick

  • Dane

    FINALLY an edit worth watching! Pure power, zero airs. Some airs can be sick, but watching the same air rev 100 fucking times is insanely boring and makes for ugly surfing.

  • charles

    that was pure magic

  • Salty

    Not a fan of the excessive use of slow motion, but even slowed down this clip is 10 times better than the endless speed pumps to air reverse close out most new clips feature.

  • charles

    that was pure magic

  • mateo

    Nice clip. I think Parker needed a bit more foam and length to link his turns together. The black beauty board seemed to go especially well for Conner in those waves.

  • Bongo

    the J ! My true love

  • fyada

    great surfing , power surf !!!!! no airs The best

  • More Taylor KNOX

    Why so little Taylor KNOX in the video! The Coffins ok, but just going through the motions. Sorry!

  • Matt T

    What type of board is that with the black nose?

  • sac

    INCREDIBLE! Some amazing POWER surfing. so sick of the aerial game. this is epic.

  • drew68

    real surfing…power carves.glad to see a clip with no airs. much rather see a huge spray!!

  • MadDog

    The waves are bitchn ; everyone did a awesome job. Well done guys!!$$$

  • Tad

    The Conner movie.

  • Ralf

    Sweet clip, a real surf video and not so much boring travel, lifestyle, drama 😀

  • Leandro

    Nice video, the best surfer Andy Irons is this wave.

  • Vicky Memi

    SUPER ,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • larkstan

    I think we’re just so used to seeing slo-mo that real speed seems too fast. Looks real to me.

  • nettwench14

    Just beeyuteefulll!!! Such amazing backside moves, such flow.

  • Louis Chopot

    really nice ! congrats

  • TCTS

    Best clip I’ve seen in a while. I hope Connor brings real power surfing back to the newer generation. Air reverses get so old.

  • Innes

    Show it all regular speed, slow mo is way way over done.

    And those animals are ‘sick’, they look healthy 😉

  • Innes

    Nothing standout about this surfing. No exceptional carving,… and no spins, airs, drifts,….
    Come on…

  • Innes

    … uNtiL we get to the Curren round pin, that’s some standout punchy carving, blows away the new boards.

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