Hana Hank

Maui's Hank Gaskell found the key to a balanced life as a pro surfer in his own Hana backyard

| posted on August 14, 2013

  • rickitick

    hey henry, try living in florida buddy, all of the things that you say suck, suddenly seem really …REALLY good, but I hear ya bro, and nice fish by the way.

  • Michael Manning

    Such a wonderfully rad and well put together video. Well done; sick shots!

  • gannysesh

    I remember seeing an interview with him after one of his heats at last year’s triple crown, and he came across like an upbeat, normal dude. He got on my radar. I hope he snags a big sponsor.

  • Shaka8

    agreed in florida living in florida blows need west coast swells

  • Chris

    Keep Hana country!

  • chezza

    Who wouldn’t want to surf, fish, and travel the rest of their life? What the video left out was how do you plan on doing it Hank? Banging nails? The days of being paid to do whatever you want seem to be over.

  • Robby

    Yeah Hank! Got life figured out…

  • Julian

    hank rips yeaaaaaaa buddy!!!

  • Surfer dude

    Happiness is heaven our home. Keep you eye on the prize, do what is right.

  • Bass

    Cool Dog hey your in maui stop the whining!!!