A Good Life

Holland's Yannick de Jager on a jaunt through the Canary Islands

| posted on December 10, 2013

  • Nic Muhl

    Anyone know where the piece of music is from?

  • Jochem

    Awesome, one of our Dutch pros made it to Surfermag! Music by Yann Tiersen, soundtrack of the movie Amelie from Montmartre

  • el chupakneebray

    em..most gay socks ever,,, Style and level pretty average. and ‘one of the dutch pro’s’?, he’s probably the only dutch ‘pro’,. and still needs his first ever wqs results. He’s only a pro in comparison to how low the level of surfing is in the benelux, he may be the best Dutch surfer… but thats like being the best Angolan snowboarder…