Going Pro

Six groms from surfing's next generation let loose in Nicaragua

| posted on October 16, 2013

There are more young, gifted pro surfers today than at point in history. Where once there was a handful of young standouts putting it all on the line for a budding surf career, today there are legions of extremely talented children whose lives are devoted entirely to surfing. Their careers get an early start, a few solid junior contest results, a minor sponsorship or two, and then the decision to go all in, to take a chance on the possibility of being surfing’s next big thing. Read more about the new narrative of young professional surfers in “Going Pro,” a feature in our November Issue, available now.

  • Stu Azole

    I learned a few things here.

    First, if 12 year olds are doing air reverses, it means they should score no more than a cutback on the CT level.

    Second, the McGill kids look like Nat Young, which is a shame.

    Finally, there is apparently no end to the lengths Shane Beschen will go to stay in the surfing biz. First with Klohe and now with his own kids – perhaps between them they’ll all go to school long enough to earn 1 high school degree between them.

  • Joe

    In my opinion the goals of surfing should be to just have fun, not world titles and competitions.

    • Torrey

      There just kids, having fun is a given!

  • Guesser

    I’m definitely jealous

  • crying shame

    money fame surfing…in that order

  • Daveo

    that chick sponoed by volcom is apparently hated where she lives

  • tomas berrios

    viva nicaragua!!!
    soy de nicaragua hay unas olas ufff

  • Some Guy

    introducing the next generation of one-dimensional, brainless clones…

  • just surf

    too everyone commenting on how they strive for world titles, there aint nothing wrong with that. what is wrong with striving to be the best? clearly they all love it and have fun if they are so young and have surfed enough to become as good as they are.

  • sponsored kooks

    I hope these are kids getting some kind of an education. Cause as far as I can see there is every possibility they will burn out or not even make it. There were plenty of shit hot surfers I knew when I grew up and none even came close to making it. Remember mick and joel didn’t start surfing till they were 13 and look at them now. The proof is in the pudding good luck but don’t hold your breath it is a very very long road.

  • Ryan Martan

    Dude, have you ever seen me surf? I should’ve been invited on this trip check out m y video‎