Go Parko

On the brink of a shot at his first World Title, Joel Parkinson prepares for Hawaii

| posted on November 29, 2012

  • g

    GO PARKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other (alternative) scenario is just unthinkable.

  • William

    Hes a good dude but he’s gonna cry like a baby when kelly takes it. It must be crushing for the rest of the ASP to realize that there’s Kelly and then everyone else. No one beats Kelly. He just gets distracted and bored at times.

  • rs

    Whenever I have insomnia, I watch Parko footage and I’m out like a light.

  • Ben

    I hope Parko takes this one! He can do it.

  • Fanny Alger

    I’ll be so happy for him if he takes it down, what a nice guy.

  • Max

    Parko is one of the smoothest and radical surfers and holds 3 triple crowns and has won at big sunset – trophies Kelly still wants. My tip is Parko to drop the Sunset comp this year and just surf pipe 24/7 and get a bigger pipe quiver..

  • Tomas Delgado

    Im a huge fan of parko since i saw momentum film. He is my favorite surfer, he has one of the most fluid and progressive styles ever. I think he deserve the tittle since a long time. No more to say and GO PARKO you can do it.

  • brastrive

    hope parko gets kelly in the semis needing a win to take out the world title

  • Ht

    So Parko gets double points for his little turns to make it fair right?

  • brastrive

    good point haven’t tought this way despite there is no much wall to turns in pipe

  • Chris

    anyone knows the song?11