Aritz Aranburu steps off into waves of the XXL variety in Mexico

| posted on July 08, 2013

  • D. P.

    I know its become cool to publicize places in mexico and all, but we have been going to pascaules since right after high school, about 13 years now and its been a poorly kept secret that somehow avoided the gang raping that happened to places like Barra de la crowd (sin sandbar now) despite it being featured in several movies and several photo trips. It was never named unless you went or knew someone who went. Aritz didn’t name it in his movie, bless his little heart. But coming out and naming it like you did in the title is generally considered a faux pas among surfers (not that your new to these types of things). Since you are SURFER magazine and presumably all surfers, you should all know better and be ashamed, very very ashamed. The place is heavy, so you’ll probably never surf it, but if you do I hope you get burned by a ski, or a traveling pro.


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