You're invited to Frankie Harrer's super sweet 16, at Teahupoo

| posted on June 17, 2014

She’s 16 years old, and running with the big boys at Chopes. Frankie Harrer, ladies and gentleman.

  • Ricky Martin

    skip to 2:45 to watch her almost get barrelled. thats about all this clip has to offer

    • Back to the Basics

      hahahah… was wondering to myself at about 2mins, ‘do we get to see her surf, or is this just about slo-mo underwater shots… Surf industry is going to burn out slo-mo pretty quickly.

  • Nathalie Kossek

    f*ck. yes.

  • jlawrence

    Niceeee….anyone know the song?

    • liley

      Drop the game by Flume and Chet Faker

  • rich kids

    Awesome videography. No quality surfing whatsoever, hope billabong isn’t paying for her to go to Tahiti, if they are, no wonder they are almost bankrupt. This video is further proof that Tow surfing is 99% about the driver. Get this girl a job folding pizza boxes while she is still young enough to learn the meaning of hard work. Its the age of entitlement ladies and gentlemen, and this time around you don’t even need to surf well, you just have to be cute. Sorry to Frankie for hurting her feelings, but that’s a lesson you gotta learn in life…. If you put yourself out there, someone will call B.S.

  • max

    it’s a shame to hear so much negativity and judgement…how about being stoked for her and contributing some positivity?! sounds like a bunch of bitter people who are jealous.

  • Roger H

    How many 16 year old girls have you ever even seen try to surf big waves at Teahupoo? This is NICE!

    • Boomer Pjs

      Where do I go to see that video you speak of? Where were the big waves? When you’re the only one towing on a crowded day you should be paddling also. Quiksilver Tahitian rep whipping a quiksilver product into 6 footers is weak!!