Fractured Spines

Irish chargers discuss the perils of slab hunting

| posted on March 20, 2014

You can’t expect to surf heavy slabs and not have to pay the price of wiping out here and there. Fergal Smith and the rest of his band of of misfit, Irish slab hunters discuss the injuries that plague those who surf waves that border the edge of insanity.

  • Arabella Imbriale

    This is awesome! These young men are being the change we need in the world! !!!!

    • Chris

      True that! Check out some videos of Sandy Beach O’ahu. #1 broken back and neck beach in the U.S. and most of the world. Because of its powerful shore break

  • kisfit

    i love these guys im irish also joseph in huntinton bch ca god bless you boys

  • Anthony Albert Rynicke

    if you live forever then live like you do

  • Alvie S

    Been surfing for more than half a century. On bombs, expect to get thrashed, but it’s the little waves that’ll get you seriously injured–not much water between you and the bottom (of course, that’s what slabs are all about); and after tasting the ledge at Big Rock, SD, that isn’t even a slab, I decided to pretty much avoid riding ’em. These guys seem so casual–must be a very hearty group, the Irish. More power to ’em. The only regrets I have are the times I bailed out and didn’t go for it. Fortune favors the bold.