Maxing Shipstern’s Bluff

Should this even be considered a wave?

| posted on August 14, 2014

Ahh, Shipstern’s Bluff, the menacing right that nightmares are made of. Or, if you are one of these big-wave lunatics, the stuff of your dreams. At just under four minutes, filmer Nick Smith gives all the best (and worst) waves from a day of 12-15 foot monsters breaking right in front of the iconic cliff face. It’s the final two waves that take the cake, though. Sam Lennox’s paddle in effort followed by Shaun Wallbank’s mind-blowing tow-in will have you cringing.

  • TacoTruck

    Just crapped my pants.

  • gary craddock

    filthy track too!

  • diviDe&cOnQueR

    phuck surfers have got a chitt life…. :0)