A journey to the most remote coast in South Island, New Zealand

| posted on September 04, 2013

  • dick

    Sure didn’t see any perfect point breaks in there.

  • Tarek Abd El Rahman

    How hard is it?

    • Rick Cain

      Pretty much exactly what it says up top. Its pretty much a well known spot I don’t think many people surf it though.

      • Tarek Abd El Rahman

        The hard distance, And the cold water does not make Surfers surf better

  • Daniel

    Really beautiful landscapes.

  • Kieran Whitten

    half it looks like the catlins cant say which half tho

  • Buttons

    Ha Dick – and you wont. Dont you know what hidden means?

  • lies

    thats not even really fiordland proper they were at the northern edge before the fiords and the inaccessible coast starts.. weak.

  • Cliff

    new Z. is funny place. is snow cold, how you spin in air with water splash 4 funning. are girls funny in New z.

  • Frank

    Just sponsor Ric already!! He’s fucked up good. Gets 4 waves and shows everyone up, and thats not even him blowing up. Sponsor the cunt already

    • jeremy

      ah the man absolutely rips. there are so many surfers worse than him that have sponsors, someone help the man out! would love to see him qualify and make more clips.

  • queenslander

    The waves and locations are epic. Check out awarua guides for the local hook up to get you there for a once in a lifetime experience.

  • queenslander

    check out awarua guides for how to get in there.