Equal 13th

Kolohe Andino's road to his first result on the 2012 World Tour

| posted on March 07, 2012

  • bodhi zaffa

    I like Klo as much as the next but cmon man, get some nike baggies that go below the knee. Every time I watch this calibroz surf I think he just did jumping jacks at his middle school P.E. class and then went for a surf. Nike needs to stick to mainstream sports and if they are going to float surfers, change thier brand image a bit, I just get the feel Klo’s Nike dri-fit aint keepin him warm in the lineup.

    Once he puts on weight, I can see him being el champo one day..

  • Dalma

    He’s the next big surfer.

  • whamo

    I’d like to see him to zig-zag turns between slower sections like Kelly does to loosen up the tail and the rails. He appears stronger than last year, and he will probably get even better with time.

  • holding my 2 in 1 hand

    kid rips. stop promoting him… most have us haven’t seen the whole field of players… why don’t we ever see footage of miguel or heitor? what about bede durbige (misspelled) .. those guys rip… vary the selection already. you have no excuse.