Retro Fitting

Ellis Ericson's active adaptation of throwback designs for his modern quiver

| posted on March 24, 2014

If the shapers of yesteryear are teachers, then Ellis Ericson is their apt pupil. By borrowing design concepts from the past and adding a few twists of his own, Ericson has managed to create a truly unique and timeless set of craft. They even work…sometimes. Watch this footage for proof.

Read more about his quiver in our April Issue.

  • fairplay

    I beg to differ on the computer board. I think that a good shaper draws alot of soul from himself into a board, and being that surfing is soulful art I think it adds to the flavor of the experience. I think that your character is also a part of how you surf and you cant get that across to computer like talking to a shaper over a few days, so I’ll be staying with the best guy I can find for the job, like a guy with a little age who brings alot of experience to the table. I’ve been surfing for 45yrs. so I know when you get to this age soul plays big role in surfing .

  • Souleshaper

    I agree with Fairplay, Anyone can scrub out a computer shape, and computer shapes have stripped a lot of soul away from the shapers that used to hand shape. I will always shape them from start to finish, paint them, glass and sand them, ride them to their death, and start over……..