Ellis Ericson Interview

Revisiting classic shapes in Indonesian waters

| posted on April 12, 2012

  • l’eau t’asque l’eau

    i love that spirit! fun , performance and experiment , the essence of surfing

  • swado

    how good is it to hear Ellis a real surfer in the sprit of travel getting stoked with his boards and having fun this is what surfing was all about good to see keep it up see you in the surf swado

  • Jon Black

    I would rather end up poor and in the gutter via his path than most other alternatives!

  • Robbo

    This is refreshing and gets me stoked!

  • bum acid

    yay a sponsored surfer with a pigdog style as 70s and shitty as me. makes me feel a little better.

    we’re not all Bruce.

  • Warner

    How is this refreshing its been going on for 50 years

  • Whamo

    Straight long-line trim with a soul arch in the curl, that’s what we did in the 70’s.

  • Kooks McGee

    reinventing the wheel.

  • Keith

    Real deal, dig it ! Sitting in the office, wondering if I shouldn’t do the same thing…