Dry Reef and Snake Wine

Watch Dane Gudauskas and Kohl Christensen chase a typhoon to Okinawa's most dangerous break

| posted on May 23, 2014

With a typhoon tearing through the Pacific, Dane Gudauskas and Kohl Christensen booked tickets to the island of Okinawa—home to some of the most treacherous reef breaks in all of Japan. They hoped to find at least some solid surf, but between grinding left-hand barrels and the bizarre local beverages, they got more than they bargained for.

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  • Pete

    Absolutely mental reef. Cameraman, please buy an image stabilized lens.

  • oi

    Big Respect for Dane,, He was charging!

  • tony

    dry reef? wish they showed some underwater footage to see how gnarly it is

    • Ben Nunya

      They were either surfing Suicide Cliffs (Named after the mass suicides locals and Japanese soldiers committed when they jumped off those cliffs) or Channel Crevasses (because it has a lot of crevasses…and was the beach shot at 12 seconds)
      Neither of those spots are really that dry, compared to other Okinawa spots. They probably had a good 5 to 10 feet of water under them.
      Channel Crevasses can have some nice tiger sharks cruising through. Use to see them when I was spearing there.
      Plenty of other spots on Okinawa have us surfing in less than a foot of water, over some seriously sharp coral and volcanic rock.
      Only one decent sandy break there. And, in winter, when the waves are big, big female great whites are in close, too. Usually pregnant, and pretty close to shore, since there are plenty of spots where the water is 100ft+ deep, just a few yards from the shore, and the yellowfin are all around.

  • Dave Ransome

    all goofy footers

  • Ben

    Dane G. has made a significant leap in his tube riding. Nice video.

  • Dav Id

    Patchy, flappy. Looks gnarly…more than a wave that stays hollow

  • Rodrigo Guerra


  • RT

    Show the local guys some love. I know they were charging as well.

  • peterpander

    song title by the temples?

  • the805


  • Ben Nunya

    I was hoping for a bit more Okinawa scenery in this video. Plus, some good footage of the Habushu , or as most people say, Habu Awamori or Habe Sake.
    Okinawa is a great place, with friendly locals, even in the line up. Some beautiful scenery, and some fairly remote spots, for such a small place.

  • Kailua

    Heavy wave! The boys got some sick ones. Huge props to Kohl for all his charging over the years and smooth barrel riding.

  • kellyskater

    bull shit he broke his ankle