Jaws Like Never Before

A fresh view from the skies of the mayhem at Jaws

| posted on January 30, 2014

Eric Sterman takes to the skies again to film a massive winter swell at Jaws. See more of his drone footage in Pipe From Above, and read more about drones above our lineups in The Rise of the Drones.

  • Stevo

    Awesome. Best to watch with headphones on and a decent size screen. The waves are too epic and the charging too hard to shrink onto a phone and do it justice!

  • Paul S


  • Kelly Bardell Sparks


  • Asta D.

    Awesome. The waves and but also the pictures.

  • craig

    So it’s like filming from a helicopter, only worse, much much worse, this is terrible, just terrible…

  • deathcaps

    Shout out Trevor Carlson. Shout out LSD. South Bay Hermosa Local holding it down for the West Coast.