Divine Ireland

Nic von Rupp canceled his flight to Hawaii to surf Ireland's emerald slabs

| posted on January 28, 2013

  • Jobseeker

    I live about twenty minutes from Mullaghmore (the first wave). This is a great video, but don’t be mistaken about how idylic it is here. Its been stormy for the past week, and looks like its not about to let up until Friday. When these massive swells and stormy conditions come in there are not a lot of options for mere mortals like myself, especially with this wind. Can’t believe Nic made the drop on that first wave at Pampas – I’d call that a ten point ride! Always great to see Ireland on the website and in the Magazine!

  • nuno

    hey job…don’t worry, most of us mere mortals, don’t want anything with that beast…stormy or not ;). Glad to see euro’s charging…

  • Scott

    This is epic! Makes that GMac crumbler look like shit.

  • Bill

    After seeing this video i bet all the guys that are at pipe pro wished they could have just booked for Ireland haha. This is better than 4 Lei Days and no action. You might as well call this spot the Irish Pipeline and call all the dudes in this video the Fighting Irish.

  • mcdaid

    Ireland is the dogs balls. a cold paradise

    great to see it

  • Aussie

    This is one of the best surf clips in ages. Real surfing in gnarly conditions and epic scenery. Nic is charging and hopefully we will see more from this madman