Distant Shores

A surf odyssey to the ends of the earth, available for free download

| posted on June 25, 2012

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Track list:

1. “Magic Fingers” by Hands
2. “Lose Your Mind” by So Many Wizards
3. “Geri” by Superhumanoids
4. “The View From The Dihedral Wall” by Tropical Popsicle
5. “The Universe of God Shadow” by Tropical Popsicle

  • mike

    this film was produced & directed by bryce lowe-white

  • Zach Chmael

    This is so sick

  • tico

    Thank You

  • Nik

    yep lets all expose ourselves and surfing locations found by others

    what a dick

    anyone who derives income from the purity of surfing is a total ironic moronic

    I would like to get kepa a in an mma ring to give him a really different ‘experience’

    ignorance is bliss
    expose the exposers

  • tillish bazooka

    thanks! how cool and mellow is this Kepa Acero?! That´s a SURFER to me…

  • Whamo

    That last sequence of waves was righteously clean.

  • Janky

    Sick! Thank you SURFER for putting this together. Now I have to blow off work and go surf.

  • iyan

    Yesh..the best film in indo..good and perfect barrel ..apocalypse Panaitan island – Java

  • Juddo

    The last sequence should not confuse people…. this wave is absolutely deadly. Surfing it without helmets and booties just goes to show what a bunch of dicks these guys really are and will do anything for better surf shots – Show Ponies gone mental. On the other hand, the first Spanish guy, this is what a true surfer is .. this makes Machado’s pre manufactured “Drifter” movie look even more like a Fail than it already is. There was once a day when surfing was not so sold out – but in true Capitalist fashion, the big 4 surf companies got bigger and bigger until they sold their soul – very sad indeed.

  • Aldous Huxley

    Nik, sorry to disappoint but I really don´t think Kepa is an MMA kind of guy.

    Why not follow his travels yourself? you might learn something ey.

  • Dave

    Nik is a huge douchebag. Lay off the roids dude! The movie was awesome. Thanks, Surfer!!!

  • Christian Findley


  • Jeff in Florida

    WOW! What an awesome journey and great waves… Only in my dreams could I have had such an experience. I grew up in Hawaii in the 70’s & 80’s and now I am in Florida being a husband and a dad. Not much time for surfing right now but this type of stuff keeps me alive in my heart. Surfing is life for those who know and are able to live it. THANK YOU for a great experience through your eyes. Keep the dream alive and keep surfing for us all…. Aloha!

  • Robin

    Nicely said, juddo and nik.

  • EllyjTh

    This is so cool it hurts! Those waves in South Africa were full. Even just as a body surfer the waves were a ride not to be missed and no wet suit was needed. Oh boy…I’m homesick! Yea jelouse to, coz I never managed to stand! Keep riding guys.

  • Harry Giarratana

    Great waves, marvelous people along the way. I grew up in Florida in the 60’s,… Watching this film…memories appear from corners of my mind, the days I shared waves with close friends and com padres. Thanks.

  • Rob

    Finally a really good surf video, couldn’t take Sterling anymore!!

  • Rick

    Nik, Namibia is a big country. I’m sure there are still lots of waves for the seals and surfers brave enough to weather the elements, but hopefully not for assholes like yourself.

  • Omer

    Maybe u got some footage of “slush bay” too? i read the article about it in the big issue and it looks pretty amazing.

  • Mick C

    Nik, you are an absolute dik. Kepa seems like a really cool guy who is just stoked on surfing. Having travelled solo extensively, I know exactly what he’s talking about it.

    Anyone with half an act knows there are pumping waves out in the Namibian desert…this guy has the balls to go out and find them for himself.

    As for exposing spots!? : mate, they’re all already out there in the global surf media. A lot of them are inconsistent and a mission to get to.

    Stick to your packaged tours, the octagon and vibing out guys at your local break.

  • john

    Anyone who sets up a camera and films themselves is a complete tool.

  • Mick


  • adriano sarmento

    Great Video with good spirit ! My favorite part when that guy, ( Kepa A? ) surf Patagonia by himself !
    Thanks for sharing !

  • Tom

    where can i get The Universe of God Shadow” by Tropical Popsicle song?. cant find it anywhere

  • atalanta

    Wondering why I can see the film when I dowload it on my mac? I get the music only and a blank screen. I can play it with no problem, but the download doesn’t work.

  • http://youtube lee

    You guys ripp !! Nik get ur head outta ur ass bra ur just pissed ur a podunk tralerpark surfer and bought ur board with food stamps !! mma my more like dumb ass !! Thanks for showing me waves ill never surf and at the end of the day me and many others will set around and dream of what you guys have done loveing the ireland honkers big thick and yeeeeeewwwwww

  • Steve

    la la la fantasyland, these guys just go around and surf all these far flung and ultra costly places (like Norway and mentawis) and never work a real job in their life to pay for it. i got news for you guys -most people are struggling just to get by, you are very spoiled and you couldn’t hold down a real job if you tried.

  • cholo

    i love the perfect waves at the end, with all the garbage in them. classic indo.

  • luke

    Some of you people don’t seem to be able to appreciate things like this. Yeah, these guys are doing something we probably all wish we could do everyday. One comment went as far as to say these guys couldn’t hold down a regular job. This is the most illogical statement I’ve read in a while. You assume a man who can crush a wave in a nearly frozen ocean can’t flip a burger? Did it occur to you there are MANY jobs related to what these guys did in this video, that could be considered a regular job to a lot of people. This video isn’t even suggesting these guys do this everyday or something, that’s why it’s called a journey. Personally, I’m landlocked for the unforeseeable future, so seeing this is as close as I can come to feeling a wave. Appreciate your sloppy swells, your second hand stick, crappy beach etc. or trade me with 110 degree weather, sick humidity, rednecks, and no beach for miles.

  • Aivaras

    That would be my dream to have adventure like this, i can just imagine right now what feelings and experience you have in your journeys. Wild nature , thats magical. Respect to this person. Good road for you!

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  • Matt

    Nik the dick, why don’t you stick to your local and posing in your speedo! guys like Kepa remind us in the surfing community that there is still so much out there to explore, but you wouldn’t grasp the concept, you need some depth to understand. Awesome movie, thanks SURFER

  • Rob

    You negative idiots like Nik Juddo and John all a bunch of insecure idiots. are you for real? REAL job? MMA hahahaha you fucking kooks.
    If you want to do this sort of thing you have to WORK for it. if you want to get paid to surf you have to work for it. surfing is hard and being pro is harder. Get a friggen clue. no ments in this vid. idiot

  • Rob

    You negative idiots like Nik Juddo and John all a bunch of insecure idiots. are you for real? REAL job? MMA hahahaha you friggn kooks.
    If you want to do this sort of thing you have to WORK for it. if you want to get paid to surf you have to work for it. surfing is hard and being pro is harder. Get a friggen clue. no ments in this vid. idiot ..

    If you wanted to travel in your life instead of struggling why dont you work harder ,study more, choose not to buy all that shit you buy, or a house get married and have kids. live simply. save what you can live beneath your means. its not that hard.

  • Mango

    I thought the movie was great. Having a job or not having a job. What the f_ck does that have anything to do with it? Stop your whining and make a movie if you got something to complain about.

    The legitimate complaint I can see is how small my dick would get and defrost from having to surf in ice cube cold Norway.

  • emmaline

    I thought it was great! Wish I were there.

  • CeeCo


  • Aquafiend

    Congratulations on serving up some Incredible surf Stoke, keep up the great work!

  • Scott

    Absolutely Inspiring. The last clip is nuts!

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  • Dan

    Green Ptpeline

  • Vagabond

    Actually Dylan Longbottom HAS a real job. well a few. besides being one of the best surfboard shapers in aus and indo, look around next time your there.

    Hatred and acting tough is easy over the internet get a real job that you enjoy and you wouldnt be such an uptight dick.

    Judo is for poofs.

  • Francois

    What is with all the guys hating on professional surfers? Honestly, surfing should get it’s territorialism sorted out.

    These guys broke their backs to get good enough in the sport to be able to go professional in it. If people knew the effort and sacrifice that goes into getting good enough in ANY sport to be able to do it in a professional manner, they would think twice about hating on those who made it their life.

    So they end up exposing a couple of surf spots, what is the big deal? The ocean is for everybody, not just a select few. Localism and territorialism in surfing must go. With more surfers we are going to have more crowds. More crowds mean that the professional surfers have more competition. That puts EVEN MORE pressure on the guys who made this movie to make a living.

    Nik, you have a problem with someone making a life out of surfing, but you don’t seem to have a problem with someone making a life out of MMA. What is the difference? You could say one should not disgrace the purity of Martial Arts through making it a big show for the masses. As someone with over 13 years of Martial Arts experience, I can honestly say that big time MMA is just as much a sell-out, if not more of a sell-out, than professional surfing. MMA fighters go and beat each other up in a octagon cage for the entertainment of others. Professional surfers ride waves and film them for the entertainment of others. What is the difference here? Martial Arts can be seen as just as sacred as surfing. They are equal in my opinion, and I see both as sacred. But, I don’t see a problem with either sport when done professionally.

    If it is all about keeping spots uncrowded, then get over your selfish territorialist instincts. Maybe if you share a wave with someone from another town, when you visit his town some day he will do the same for you. If we all could just learn to share a little…

  • dynamo


  • eleonora

    muito bomm

  • Mike De Jianne

    Nice video.

  • sharsharpipa

    one day ill do more!!!

  • Makaio

    @SurferMagazine: What is the name of the music at 6:03 on the timeline, and ends at 6:22 ? It’s not listed in the video’s description, nor is it in the film credits. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo in advance.

  • guest 111

    why wont it let me down load it , only comes up with page full of text

  • Avan Shaw

    It’s so good,the surf shorts can be bought in here: