Discovering Mavericks

A documentary that tells the tales of the brave surfers who've risked their lives for the ultimate ride at Mavericks

| posted on November 01, 2013

The SURFER premiere of Discovering Mavericks has ended. To watch the whole film, purchase it now on iTunes.


Winner of the Newport Beach Film Festival 2013 Audience Award, “Discovering Mavericks” is a film that reveals the true story of this famous and deadly wave, from the decade it was surfed solely by lone surfing pioneer Jeff Clark to the events that followed—leading it to become one of the most famous big wave surfing spots in the world. Narrated by actor Dean Winters, “Discovering Mavericks” captures the passion and dedication of surfers like Jay Moriarity, Peter Mel, Flea, Shane Dorian, Mark Foo, Brock Little, and Mike Parsons, honoring the sacrifice of all those who have dared to take on the unforgiving waves at Mavericks.

  • gannysesh

    Made by Josh Pomer.

  • Nickstro

    “Brett Twiggy Baker” – get it right fuckit

  • Gesto

    oh man at least cut out that whack music during people speaking. “brett twiggy baker”. what’s with that vignetting, soft focus and the cheap film reel interludes. not well made

  • ryan williams

    brought a tear to my eye