Departure Delayed

A short featuring John John Florence and friends in Hawaii

| posted on January 03, 2013

  • yewwww

    by far the sickest clip ive ever seen

  • Scott

    I second that.

  • Dave Mailman

    Second, second… or third that, or whatever. Jaw dropping. Nice of JJ to put his friends in there, but except for the guy at the skate park, they didn’t really need to feature at all!

  • barrell

    The dude at the skatepark is the prodigy of the surfing aerial pioneer. Christian fletcher was shredding the new school gnar before the rest of the surfing world thought it was “cool” to do airs”. Skateboarding has been directing surfing for the last decade or more if you hadnt noticed , A little bit of skating in surf movies is respect.

  • mike

    1:16.. wtf so dirty!!!

  • Ben

    Watch that and tell me with a straight face that the kid is anything less than the best surfer in the world right now.

  • ?ALL

    John and Greyson are setting standards for the youth of today, Keep it up Boyz!!! You internet dorks out there need to get up, go out there and start living!!!!
    Do something and quit being judgmental spectators!!!

  • John

    Am I kidding me

    Joel Parko ain’t doin that

    Nor is he paddling jaws

    He may be pipe Master
    But is he really?

    Worlds Best right here.

  • whaaat!

    insane surfing! camera angles were sick too

  • respect

    That lofty straight backside air was my favorite… Incredible stuff!

  • jooshbag

    parko and john john are my two favorite surfers. I like parko better because of his raw power and flow but you cant argue with john johns airs and barrel riding. JJF will be world champ but for now its PARKOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Jo

    Sick clip! JJF is a great surfer. Dane Reynolds is also up there. Check out this clip of Dane Reynolds from 2012….

    And the “Dane Turn” during the Reef Haliewa contest was unreal!

  • eddy

    just the best!

    anyone knows the song name/band?