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Red Epic cam footage of Ry Craike at home in WA

| posted on February 01, 2012

  • http://Surfer NHS

    Okay, nice work. Slo motion and the music are the redeeming factor, but not for long. . . The best shot is near the end where the cam goes subsurface and you see how landing the aerial looks from underwater. But I have to say I am about to give up watching these repetitious aerial display videos. You surf film creators better evolve out of this visual cul de sac soon. Give me Lopez on a single fin slithering in long soulful arcs at Pipe or Uluwatu with a continuous take of one long ride. If I never see Ry Craike or any other of these Junior Birdman “huck an air” it will be too soon. These chopped up MTV style vids make me want to hurl. I get it though: if you can do an aerial you create ad space on the bottom of your board for advertisers. Aerials = adspace = sponsorship. It’s vacant, man!

  • Archy

    Ok This dude ^ NHS is the fucking man. Hit the nail on the head brotha

  • Toby

    Sounds like NHS is an old Fart who cant obviously surf let alone do Airs . does
    Good Idea NHS your a brain surgon !! lets leave surfing behind even more than any other sport and not Progress it by all ride single fins down the line.

  • http://Surfer NHS

    Yeah, this aerial show is just another fom of socially acceptable masturbation for the high school crowd. The only guy I can watch and admire is Craig Anderson. LIke that trippy Greenbush vid by Electric Glasses, “Something For Your Eye” on Youtube. That is some quality surf cinema! Not some wannabe with a GoPro. Not a single idiot aerial in that vid, just long, single take shots of masterful tube riding. Unfortunately, we’re no doubt about to see a gigantic QUICKSILVER in bold font across the bottom of Ando’s board. So it goes. . .But he’s defintely got the stance and moves that remind me of the frontier days of soul surfing.

  • http://Surfer NHS

    Toby: Please post your own awesomely progressive aerial attack video right after you learn how to complete a proper English sentence.