Dave Rastovich Surfs Because…

Rasta talks about why he surfs and why he drinks salt water

| posted on February 04, 2011

  • chris casey

    Seriously, stop giving this guy the time of day. With all the amazing surfers out there to keep showing Rasta off just because he is weird, its getting old.

  • haole

    you know you’re a hippy when you drink the salt water.

  • Scotty B

    Are you kidding, Chris?! Rasta actually gets it — the true feeling of surfing has nothing to do with photo incentives, winning contests, sponsorships, or little butt-jammers who think it’s all about the biggest air or another air reverse we’ve all seen a million times already. Rasta is a soul surfer. He is humble. And he surfs circles around 99 percent of these “up-and-comers” you think need more exposure. Thing is, Rasta doesn’t have to seek it…His surfing speaks for itself. Check out the segment in Sprout where Rasta and Dan Malloy paddle out on a pair of Lopez single fins at this mysto righthander in Indo. He can ride just about anything with class and style.

  • Billy

    Rasta is a joke

  • Daniel

    hey Chris I don’t think he’s weird man. Your comment does sound strange, though: “it’s getting old…” who cares?, something might be old or not but if it makes sense then you got credibility and Rasta really makes sense for our sport.

  • Tybor

    chris casey and “bill” must be 12 years old

  • http://surfer anthony m

    chris and billy your a pair ok kooks rasta would kick ur on any surfboard!!!!!!!

  • lu

    name of the song? thanks!