Dane’s Acceptance Speech

Highlights from the 2010 SURFER Poll presented by Samsung and Verizon Wireless

| posted on December 11, 2010

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  • Daniel

    Wow! the guy oozes sincerity. should be a role model for all north-american surfers and surfing media as well. I mean the guy is not trying to talk people into his words he’s just being too honest. He’s a great surfer, indeed but I guess the real thing here is that all north-Americans should be compelled to be honest just like him and see the emerging generation of international surfers…yet so far this surfer pool is ridiculously USA-Australia centered.

  • s4p

    True Daniel… Certainly some greats on that list and much respect to them… But hardly inclusive nor reflective of the potential talent out there irrespective of origin. Should be no surprise however given that the centers of the global surf industry are located primarily in USA-Australia… Can you say prepackaged marketing?

  • Nope

    Sorry guys, the vote for the poll is online at Last time I checked they had internet in Europe and Brazil. Vote for your favorites and they will make the list.

  • DussTinn

    Stammering is the new eloquence.

  • Daniel

    Raoni Monteiro wins in Sunset; Jeremy Flores claims the Pipe master.
    Isn’t that meaningful?

  • shaun

    u know why its american/australian centred becuase thats where the best surfers on tour at the moment mostly come from. australia dominates and america trys to keep up if it wasnt for kelly it would be australians 1,2,3 haha im an aussie im byest haha