A Day in the Life

With Dane Zaun in the South Bay of Los Angeles

| posted on April 03, 2014

Dane Zaun, he from the City of Angels, he who is transitioning to a freesurfing chapter with savvy. Spend a day with him at home in Manhattan Beach, CA.

  • Mushburgers

    HA, what!? When I hear pro surfers rationalising about the tour like that, I lose interest immediately. A fine surfer all the same.

  • nauzle

    c grade pros gotta make a living too.

  • SS

    Just another spoiled brat!

  • Steve


  • chris


  • borat sagdiyev

    Cool vid. Was the el porto? That place sux, I lived in LA for 3 looong years and and managed to find TWO surf spots: el porto in the winter and Zuma in the summer. Both incredible close outs….glad i’m out of LA, too much traffic, house prices are insane. The parking lot at el porto was designed in Kazakhstan, once your in there is no escaping.

    • matteen

      you couldn’t have been more accurate about the parking lot haha but el porto/zuma is my yearly routine gotta make the most of it

  • Kellys Gay Uncle

    meh. average.

  • elportolocal

    Who is this guy? Let’s face it – most of these “free surfers” or whatever just aren’t good enough to make heats… So they quit and revert into another drone out there getting “Clips”. Cool bro. Will be working construction within a few years.

  • tagliolini

    I’m way more interested in “a day in the life” of the old dude tossing lures at 2:05

  • francis lortimartor custeau

    well shot, well directed, decent surfing – cut the kid some slack, he’s workin it, livin a dream, whether he’s wearing a suit and tie or hammering a nail in 3 years, gotta give him the opportunity to journey.

  • Jimmy

    it was one interview and some clips, hardly a day in the life

  • Shem

    Genuine human being. Rips the lid off any wave and pumped to see footage of him traveling some time soon hopefully

  • joe dough

    Marketable kid, surfs better than most. Makes the best of his area, good for him.