Dane Reynolds in Summer Sucks

The waves are finally starting to pick up in California

| posted on August 22, 2014

This summer has not been kind to Southern California. But some recent activity in the Pacific has sent waves to the Golden State. Mini Blanchard (of Marine Layer Productions fame) threw together this short clip of Ventura standouts Dane Reynolds, Bobby Martinez, Eithan Osbourne, and more at and around their homebreaks. Bobby comes in at the 2-minute mark and Dane shortly thereafter.

  • Turpentine

    I miss Bobby and Dane on tour

  • Billy DuBois

    Who killed the spring suit? Water’s been above 65 all summer, a full suit is full on ridiculous.
    Come on sheeple, let’s hear a good answer here.

  • Tom

    and theres that geeza wearing a hooded full suit? I agree with billy, and would like some answers.

  • paul rice

    that was the most horrific soundtrack I’ve ever experienced in a surf video