Dane in Mexico

Sure, it's a commercial, but it's also Dane Reynolds in Mainland Mexico

| posted on February 15, 2013

  • henrique


  • Jo

    At 2:03….wtf, damn! Another sick “Dane Turn” in the books!
    Man…can’t forget the Dane Turn at the Reef Haleiwa contest either.

  • hBmyke

    Surfline just ran some photo clip of a Baja spot we used to hit BTI (Before The Intenet)… There it is. just one mouse click away. Pics in the photospread show dudes burning Agave plants out on the point. This time next week, that spot will be tweeted and surf blogged. This time next year, every Agave plant in the near vacinity will be chopped down and sacaficed… Photos will be taken, posted and further blogged. Seeing that spot made me wonder about all the places we used to hit up after drunken nights sitting around the fire; figuring out where to surf next.. so I googled (insert once abscure surf spot here..). Sure enough, there’s a website, surfcam, surf skule, and road map to the place. Scroll down and there’s all kinds of reader comments about when the place breaks, where to stay, and when to go…People. People. You’ve missed The Point -Literally! -hBm

  • Ro

    sheesh! it kind of sucks that quik had to make a promo vid for danes shorts just cause no one pre booked em…. of course he can surf and everyone really enjoys watching him do so but just like alex knost with rvca he can’t sell anything.

  • Jimmy the Saint


  • elibony

    For the quality of the waves and the football team showed in 8th second it seems to be filmed in Bilbao, Basque Country, but the rest of the images it seems to be … Mexico? … confused

  • Racingstar

    What language are you speaking? Maybe Mexico.