Curious Gabe: Vintage Boards

Gabe Sullivan asks surfers if old boards belong on the wall or in the water

| posted on July 21, 2011

  • Mike Miller

    Surfboards are made to be ridden, bottom line.

  • Sandi Smith

    Why not both? They make awesome wall art on days when the surfs not up…which is alot here in Texas!

  • Tim Phares “TP” Epic, “Fluid Drive” surfboards.

    Hay Guys!
    Why not do both!
    For over thirty years, Surfers have been bring Me there old and foreign made boards, to Me to be reproduced by hand.
    Buy law, You can only reproduced anothers label surfboard by 100% hand.
    Becouse it now becomes a work of Art!
    The Guys that are scanning them into the Computers, are running a fowl of the law, so that means Your running a fowl of the law as well, and can get sued !!!!
    And I am one of the most capable to do this, as I have been doing almost all My shaping career for Pro’s on tour, when thy have snaped a favorite board, and have no back up board, and Collector’s alike.

    As I am a Master Shaper, becouse I have just about shaped everything and anything that go’s down the face of a Wave!;
    And have Ghost Shaped for many surf brands at one time or another.
    Ocean, Aipa, Spider, Blue Cheer, OP,Ocean Pacific, Surf & Style, and Many many more.
    And I also was One of the frist to be invited to compete in the frist Sacred Craft shape off’s back in 2007, in Del Mar Cal, I was the frist to repersent all of Los Angeles county, the home of all modern surfboards in the USA.

    I am listed in both the 25th and 50th Surfing Magazine Shapers Tree.
    Over My 44 Years in board building, I have reprudced hunderds of one off copys,, in all, I have hand shaped over 50,000 thousand boards look Me up on Facebook, “epic surfboards”, “tp surfboards”, “fluid drive surf systems”. hang the real one on the wall where it belongs, and ride the one I shape You to Your harts content……..