Curious Gabe: Sustainable Surfboards

SURFER's man on the street gets curious about sustainability in surfboard production

| posted on April 25, 2011

  • Rich Corbin

    Awesome idea for a Curious Gabe but not very well thought out. Yes sustainable boards are out there, yes Danny Hess makes beautiful performance wooden/cork boards, yes there are “green” blanks and yes Tom Wegener was in ‘sprout’ and has been predominately making wooden boards and grows paulownia trees at his house. I’m sure these things are new to some but they have been going on for nearly the past decade it is just a shame that they arn’t better known.
    I was rather let down by this Curious Gabe but I do look forward to seeing future episodes hopefully with more information and insight from more of the surfing community, whether they are familiar with the subject being documented or not.

  • justin cayou

    wow. that was disappointing. I was hoping for some real info on what going on with alternative board construction.

  • stu

    also agree. disappointing. more think “sustainable” being as the materials source is sustainable, not like how Hess described it. Then why no mention of blanks being made from recyclable foam? And what about resins. Improving resin technology or alternatives to resin

  • Barry Snyder

    Very cool! Having worked for Gary Linden for 16+ years he taught me that surfboards can be built from many other materials. Since I have built surfboards from Agave cactus that grows in my yard, to Yucca plants, to recycling old surfboard blanks from blank company’s that have since gone under. (There’s alot of them). Still working with the resin company’s on their bio-type resins. Their day will be here soon. Car paints are now water-based so will resin. The only foam I use is US Blanks. They now offer a recyclable foam blank. It is coming. Wait and see!

  • Barry Snyder

    Gabe, I left a comment on the web page regarding your article. If you have time, I would love to talk with you or show you what I do at my surfboard factory in Oceanside. To get a glimpse of what I do, check out my short video on YouTube. Search under “Cactus Surfboards”. thanks, Barry Snyder.

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