Cornish Sessions

Oli Adams in an angle of the U.K. you're not used to seeing

| posted on May 08, 2013

  • nick

    there needs to be a law that states “you cannot post clips of yourself snaking others, unless they are your friends, otherwise, you should not be the one getting a half barrel, and the snaker u just snaked should be getting a better barrel than you.” FACT: the sponger you snaked would have gotten a sicker barrel, and that clip would be more worth watching than u fuck up some barrel because you are on the shoulder.

  • daniel slack a.k.a ian

    though that guy may be shredding i always throw down some threes infront of ma boys and my chica’s! i wish you’d show some more air time i haven’t got time for long barrel shots it makes my vein rise! sick one for showing cornwall though!